Get your car ready for the winter!

Not only humans, but their 4-wheel-companions are subject to the cold weather tests. Be reasonable and get ready for the winter before it comes. What is the ABC of the car preparation on the eve of the winter?


Frost resistance of cooling fluid and windshield washer fluid can be tested yourself. Necessary testers are sold at petrol stations and car shops. Frost resistance of brake fluid must be only checked in the car-care center.

2.Car battery/accumulator 

Accumulator’s volumetric capacity drops in the freezing temperatures while energy consumption increases. Starting the engine constantly for short rides, we will quickly flatten the battery so we should rather test its efficiency in a car-care centre and replace, it, if necessary, in order to avoid bigger problems in the future.

3.Spark plugs

Although plugs are subject to replacement depending on the mileage, it is worth to have a look at them before winter. If possible, let a specialist check wires for any defects.

4. Locks

Locks must be lubricated before cold spell, you should also get some defrost agent. You should carry it about – otherwise, it’s pointless if the stuff left in the car and you are staying out.

5.Weather strips 

Doors will open well in freezing temperatures, too, if you apply plenty of silicone. Silicone sprays and lubricants can be bought in any supermarket.


Inspect the windshield: moisture can penetrate the smallest cracks and chips and when the water freezes, the glass may crack.

The windshield may also break if in cold you apply to the glass the heating turned on at the full capacity.


Check for availability of a snow brush, scraper, spade and some defrost.

8.Tips for starting engine in cold weather 

If the car lacks pre-heating, and it is –20˚ outside, disconnect the clutch from the starter when starting (in case of the manual gearbox), thus it is easier to start.

Avoid driving at the high speed right away after starting engine, let it work as long as possible while you are cleaning the car from snow and ice. Drive at a low speed until the engine will have warmed up to the normal working temperature.